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When a person says that he/she is going to a retreat, they mean that they are withdrawing to a quiet place for prayer, study, to reflect or to meditate.

We find in Jesus’ actions and suggestions to others the value of time for a retreat. Near the beginning of Mark’s gospel: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed. (Mark 1:30-31, Luke 4:42). He undertook His solitary respite not when there were no other important matters to tend to, but because of the essential need to make time for prayer despite all the things to be done.   

 Why a retreat?

The most common reason for a person to go on a retreat seems to be a genuine thirst to know oneself better and to deepen one’s relationship with God. Going on a retreat allows a period of solitude and silence to “listen” to the voice of your own experience, and through that to become more deeply acquainted with the God who is within us.

Going away for a retreat in a prayerful environment offers a time for reflection and peace. We all need the space and the silence to reflect and pray, it can help us begin to sense a deeper truth about oneself and God, how he loves us as we are.

Retreats at St. Joseph Renewal Centre

St. Josephs offers space and time for either individual or group retreats.  Any group of any denomination whose objective is within the scope of our mission is welcome to rent the facilities for a one day meeting, a weekend or a week-long event.

If you are interested in booking some time at the centre contact us soon, as our calendar is filling up quickly.

Throughout the year the centre offers several weekend or weekly directed retreats.

Costs for retreats vary but should never be a deterrent in attending any retreat.