St. Joseph Renewal Centre welcomes people from all walks of life individuals walking a spiritual path founded in the tradition of their choice, church or other groups providing “time away” for their members. Our location in Mabou, Cape Breton will provide the peace and quiet you need to relax, recharge and reconnect.




The word “pray” comes from the Latin word precari, which simply means to entreat or ask. In fact, although pray is not often used this way anymore, it can simply mean “please,” as in “pray continue your story.”


The Centre

A hospitality center for all people who
use its sacred space to grow in different
ways into God.

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A Beautiful Setting

 Saint Joseph Renewal Center, located in the beautiful village of Mabou, Nova Scotia is a facility operated by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal. It offers space for groups and individuals who wish to “come aside and rest awhile” for retreats, workshops and other renewal programs.

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